The Power of Poetry

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Every part of Lord Ganesha’s body symbolizes factors essential for humans in their life journey:

1. Big Head symbolizing powerful thinking
👉One should think out of the box in order to achieve something.

2. Small Eyes symbolizing Concentration
👉Being completely focused on achieving what we aim to do.

3. Large Ears symbolizing Good Listener
👉We should not make decisions based on what we say but also listen to what others say.

4. Trunk symbolizing adaptability and efficiency
👉Challenges are a part of life. One should adopt them and be prepared to deal with them.

5. Tusk symbolizing emotions and wisdom

After a wait of five years, the biggest sporting festival, the Olympics opened the door to its 2020 edition on 23rd July 2021 after getting postponed for the first time in Olympic history last year (they have been canceled in the past but not rescheduled) due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The games brought a sigh of relief from the tension and boredom Covid made us face. The best talents around the globe coming to compete on this global platform, Olympics is definitely an amazing event to look for.

Held in Tokyo, Japan, the games saw the participation of 250 countries…

The Past is Gone, Leave it

The Present is Now, Feel it

The Future is Ahead, Don’t Worry About it

The world is facing a deadly pandemic and all we can do is stay back at home while this gives us the time to be with our family but the impact this is creating mentally cannot be ignored.

With our work being gone completely online, it has been concluded that 1 in every 5 people is undergoing anxiety, depression and this is where the need for Mindfulness comes in.

MINDFULNESS, Image Credit- The Power of Poetry

Mindfulness is the simple practice of keeping our surroundings i.e. the…

What was my fault
Just saying a handful of words.
or my mental health issues?

Yes, most people don’t understand it
React looking at things they see outside
What about a person’s mind?
Can you read that too?

Why would someone intentionally get panic?
Why would someone intentionally get irritated?
Why would someone intentionally get aggressive?

Ever thought of this?
People don’t realize that it is not the intention,
It is the mind that FORCES a person do these things.

It feels bad right when someone yells at you?

Just give a thought,
How would it be for a person…

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, interacted with students, teachers and parents in the fourth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha which took place virtually on Wednesday, 7th April 2021.

Image by Narendra Modi (YouTube) at

The emphasis of the event was to guide students relieve stress, put away the fear Covid-19 has brought and prepare them for the upcoming examinations as well as future challenges. It provided an opportunity for not only students, but even teachers and parents to discuss their fears, concerns, opinions, suggestions with the prime minister and get his words of advice.

Below are the key takeaways from the event-:

  1. Avoid taking…

Zenevia, an event which provided me a platform to prove myself.

I still remember, that time of mid-December when, as the office bearer for IEEE BU, my team and I were planning to collaborate with other chapters of the university for a hackathon. Who thought that the planning would end up resulting in a mega Techfest.

This is how Bennett University’s First TechfestZenevia” came into existence. From being decided as just a small scale event to being ended up as a large scale festival with over 2600 participants and 20K+ views.


Lasting for five days from 31st March to…

Divide and Conquer Algorithm

-> Introduction:

Divide and Conquer Algorithm is an efficient approach to solve large problems by following 3 easy steps:

1. Breaking a problem into subproblems

2. Finding the solution to each subproblem

3. Combining the solutions to get the result

So basically, if we consider a problem of size=n, we will follow 3 steps to solve it as depicted in the flow chart-:

GS Impact Workshop

This women’s day, GirlScript Foundation took an initiative to organize a GS Impact Workshop for the women power out there with a motive #ChooseToChallenge the barriers women face while venturing into the tech fields.

The foundation selected students from colleges across India to be a GS Impact Maker for the workshop.

I was elated to be selected as one.

Our task was to invite students, find mentors, host and manage everything throughout the workshop which took place on 7th March,2021.

The workshop consisted of hands-on experience on-:

  1. Canva-:

One of the most popular Graphic Designing platform which is a one…

Got the prestigious opportunity to attend the 3-day Harvard US-India Initiative conference and it turned out to be an amazing experience.


HUII aims to create a dialogue between Indian and American youth to address India’s most pressing social, environmental, political, economical issues bringing together some prominent personalities.

I somehow got to know about the conference on the last day of registration and filled the form in a bit of a hustle just for a try. However, to my surprise, I got selected as a delegate. However, I was somewhat in a dilemma as to whether to pay the fees or…

“Right now I see Amazon at its most inventive ever, making it an optimal time for this transition” - Jeff Bezos

Mr. Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon’s CEO.

From starting up as an online book store in 1994 to now being called “The Everything Store”. Extending itself beyond just being an e-commerce company to Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Streaming, Amazon has transformed to a great extent under the leadership of their founder Mr. Jeff Bezos.

After being the company’s driving force since its founding, Mr. Bezos is all set to step down as the Chief Executive Officer in the 2nd half of 2021, handing over the…

The Power of Poetry

Writing is my Passion, Poetry my Expression

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