The Power of Poetry

What was my fault
Just saying a handful of words.
or my mental health issues?

Yes, most people don’t understand it
React looking at things they see outside
What about a person’s mind?
Can you read that too?

Why would someone intentionally get panic?
Why would someone intentionally get irritated?
Why would someone intentionally get aggressive?

Ever thought of this?
People don’t realize that it is not the intention,
It is the mind that FORCES a person do these things.

It feels bad right when someone yells at you?

Just give a thought,
How would it be for a person who is already struggling inside to hear you shout at her/him?

Can’t we help the person instead of shouting?

Try understanding this
Panic/Anxiety Attacks can trigger anytime.
For those who haven’t gone through them, better not advice the sufferer by saying “ kya milega itna chilla kar” ( What you will get after shouting so much) or “ Baand Karo chilana aur thik kro apne aap ko “ ( Stop shouting and make yourself better right now)


You are trying to tell a person who is herself/himself worried by her/his thoughts to stop yelling and change themselves immediately. How’s that possible? and that too with you continuously shouting at that person?? Won’t it trigger the attack??

Do you even know what a person goes through during this phase? Please, Please don’t say “ Hogye rooz vaale draame shuru” (The daily tantrums have started again). This makes the person more sad which ultimately results in rise in the intensity of the attack.

It’s ok to talk

A humble request to everyone, please listen to anyone who wishes to talk. Mental Health needs as much attention as you give to your physical health or take care of your love ones when they are down with fever or any other illness.

Let’s not avoid Mental Health Issues.

They might not reflect on one’s external body but internally, they are affecting in the probably the worst possible manner.

Talk, Spend time with your love ones. Mental Health isn’t a thing to hide. Just like we happily tell others when we have recovered from any illness, the same should be with Mental Health.

Yes, I am a survivor of Depression

Yes, I still have anxiety issues

Yes, I will get through these issues

Yes, I will heal myself and my life

— From my Personal Experience

The Power of Poetry

Writing is my Passion, Poetry my Expression