The Power of Poetry

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thought becomes YOUR WORDS.
Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR BEHAVIOR
Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes YOUR HABITS
Keep your habits positive because your habits become YOUR VALUES
Keep your values positive because your values become YOUR DESTINY”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Ji, a truly remarkable personality lived for the people, fought for the country, took the path of the people. He not only fought the fight for non-violence but also indulged in a bag full of motivational values be it positivity, forgiveness, truthfulness, and whatnot.

I still remember the stories of Gandhi Ji we use to study in our textbook with each of them having a life lesson accompanied with it. It is difficult to choose one thing I learned from his life full of greatness. However, the thing that shook me was the way he followed the path of positivity. It is something we all need to learn especially during this time of the deadly pandemic.

Why right now?

Recent surveys have shown that 1 in every 5 people nowadays face mental health issues like Depression, Anxieties, etc., thus allowing negativity to enter into their lives and Covid-19 has made it much worse with people losing their jobs, sitting back at homes for months now. The increasing worry about their jobs, studies, daily needs and more such necessities has affected them badly. All this has resulted in the rise of negative thinking.

In fact, it is not only Covid, in my opinion, but it is also the 21st century that has seen a rise in all this.

Why this sudden rise?

The main reason for the rise is the increasing use of technology especially phones and hovering through social media over it. Yes, the radiations emitted from phones are such that they attack our brain and the effect social media has on one’s mind is a dangerous one, some posts on social media are such that they spread negativity in the mind. This is the drawback social media brings. Also, with the use of AI, social media sites are able to keep track of our likings and show the content accordingly. Henceforth, if a person saw a couple of depressing or negative contents, then the future contents which will be shown will also be based on the same topic until and unless the person decides not to view them. This will have a bad effect on our brain and thus, disrupting our life cycle.

How to improve?

It is important to follow a path of positivity full of hope, desire, happiness to live a fruitful life free of tension, stress, anxieties, and all the negative things around. Indulging a sense of positivity within ourselves not only makes us succeed in life but also makes our life journey succeed with itself.

Remember- It is all in our head, it is just how we perceive things that matter

Stay Positive, Stay Strong, Stay Safe

The Power of Poetry

Writing is my Passion, Poetry my Expression