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Zenevia- Bennett’s Techfest

Zenevia, an event which provided me a platform to prove myself.

I still remember, that time of mid-December when, as the office bearer for IEEE BU, my team and I were planning to collaborate with other chapters of the university for a hackathon. Who thought that the planning would end up resulting in a mega Techfest.

This is how Bennett University’s First TechfestZenevia” came into existence. From being decided as just a small scale event to being ended up as a large scale festival with over 2600 participants and 20K+ views.


Lasting for five days from 31st March to 4th April, the fest comprised of fierce competitions, inventive workshops along with amazing speakers offering something for everyone with mouth- watering cash prizes as well.

The enlightening part for me was the interaction with distinguished personalities:

  • Ms. Navika Kumar- Group Editor, Politics at Times Network
  • Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai- Moon Man of India
  • Dr. Ramanan Ramanathan- Director, Atal Innovation Mission
  • Dr. KV Subramanian- Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India
  • Mr. Kalpit Veerwal- First Full Scorer in JEE Mains
  • Mr. Rohit Chaturvedi- Head of Cloud Intelligence & Advisory at AWS India and South Asia
  • Mr. Srinivas Mohan- Visual Effect Editor

and yes, the whole panel of ex- army men and women, it certainly was a great honour and a privilege to listen to such inspiring stories.

This was what we brought to the forefront.

However, even a small task is followed by a couple of problems and so our extensive fest did have many. The biggest being trying to make a mark for the first time in the domain of techfest and that too in the current pandemic situation which made us stick to the virtual mode. Also, with companies being affected by Covid-19 , it was quite a challenging task to get monetary sponsorships. Thus, the difficulties were endless but the motivation to achieve is what kept us going throughout.

Talking specifically about my role, I was one of the head organizers so the task was to supervise each and every angle of the fest, then be it the domain of Content Writing (which I love doing) or looking for sponsors, sending out mails, managing registrations and what not.

The fact that I was able to fulfill my responsibilities makes me feel very happy and at the same time proud of my own self.

However, it wasn’t just me, it was “The Team Zenevia” together. This success is a result of the team’s hard work and dedication with which we conquered all the challenges (finding sponsors, managing schedules, live streaming etc.) and together pulled off a challenging yet entertaining fest with the support and guidance of our faculties.

Together we worked
Together we achieved it

Team Zenevia

At the end,

Yes, the fest’s success makes us feel delighted

Yes, it opened up new door of opportunities for us

but what’s more pleasing is the realization that we were a part of the team that organized Bennett University’s first techfest.

If you wish to listen to the sessions or have a look at our events, head to

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